Bill Anderson


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You know friends are never earned they are a gift from the loving God
They're precious beyond human evaluation
You dare not take them for grant it or they'll drift away like smoke
And the warmth of there caring will vanish into the chill of the endless night
Most of my friends are unknowns they probably won't even rate an obituary
Unless they live and die in a small town some where
Where nothing much ever happens
But some of my friends are big people
They are famous sensitive and talented
Their names are household words
And yet they are no more precious in God's eyes or in mine
Then those wonderful nobodies who live and die in obscurity
Who is your friend?
He's someone who warns you with a nod
Or with an unspoken word in hard times
When you are hurting beyond words
She's someone who holds you to her breast
And sighs softly into your hair
When no other medicine could possibly stop the pain
A friend is someone who clinks a glass against yours
Or answers the phone at three in the morning
When you're lost and with a few words of encouragement
And concern makes you realize your not really lost at all
Friends come in both sexes in all shapes and sizes
The most important thing they have in common is
Their ability to share with you your most sky splitting joys
Or your' deepest most awesome sorrows
I think of all the things I have in this world
I'm most grateful for my friends

Autor(es): Glen Campbell / Dick Bowman

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