From The Abyss To Misty Heaven

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From The Abyss To Misty Heaven
There were dead bodies all around
even vultures were not attracted
by the chary carcasses at the moment.
Every second animals and people
were dying of lighting,
which streaks were
surprisingly accurate.

All that completed the scene
of decaying corpses and burning dead.
A leaden low sky was above them
The storm clouds were witting home.

That continued for a few months
from the day his body had been found in his castle.
Nobody knew how he could appear
after he was buried so long before.

A lot of people saw his phantom,
which was crying for sympathy
but nobody helped him.
And people were continually dying.
A number of victims
of the sky was rising.

Once the sky was full of moon light,
once it was covered with the patterns,
created by the nature itself.
But at the moment people
were dying somewhere,
and senseless creatures
were coming in to the world
somewhere else.

And he did appear somewhere
he, who was free from all his sins
he was a master of everything
and nothing, a slave of dream,
a master of eternity,
a human being.

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