Fucked Stabbed and Eaten

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Plane downed and crashed
no other survivers left
preppy sluts - now trapped in the amazon
unable to take - care of themselves
run around the brush like idiots
their lostttt
in the jungle
aloneeeee, hunted by cannibals

they can't see - the signals
natives surround them in the darkness
stalking / preying / they will / EAT THEM
the girls are all caught - crying
the tribals are star-ting to - fuck them
fucked stabbed than consumed - by natives
they start cutting into their soft pale white flesh
their still alive and screaming
poke reddish used cunt a delicacy
before they start to hack into their abused genitals
ripping out bowels and intestines
boiled alive

body sliced open organs taken out but yet you breathe
gnawing on sliced tits their eating before your face
cut loose the upper body grilling the torso
left - on the forrest floor human- remnants
litered with a dozen of chewed up hu-man beings
nobody ever heard from anybody
what happened to the cheerleader team
natives smile and walk away singing
with full stomachs they will go sleeping

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