Lil' Boosie

Fuck U Too (Lil Wayne Diss)

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[Verse 1: Lil Boosie]
I know u hollin fuck me.Well itz fuck you too
And that instagatin nigga am gon touch you too
Itz just a matter of time 'fore I start dopin ma nine
Fuckin with da wrong nigga u must don ma dine
Fuck it.
Up in da bucket let's go find these niggas
Shoot out shots for their head tryna blind these niggas
Don't let me catch you on the inner state
When it's late
I'm gone see how many bulletes your gonna take
You fucking with a young thug nigga who is savage with this
And I'm gon down slug nigga so we paggin your shit
Plus am maggin the shit
Cause am a fool, am gonna catch you on da corner introduce you to ma tool
I pay ma due so boy am finna let chu kno
Messin with the wrong clip when you fucking with the dope
Fa sho
So it's war time partner u should ready for that
Should of robed you but am waitin on dem pennies 2 stack

[Chorus: x4]
If itts fuck me nigga then it's fuck u too
Fuck your mamy
Fuck your daddy
N fuck your crew
That's true

[Verse 2:]
U don't even know how bad I wan' bust you up
Please come across that track so I could fuck you up
You with all that mouthin off u done got me red hot
Might as well take your vest off cause am shootin head shots
Front them hoes cause u let your nuts hang
But my fo fo will let your fuckin guts hang
Bitch, u gonna euricate long if u play with me wrong
I don't give a fuck about your momma baby bein gone
It's on motherfucker I ain't slippin
Stay throwling through you hood with ma nine and the clippin
Them niggas that be bucking with u ain't gone get it too
If I catch them niggas first they gone get this shit for you
That's true
Plus am sicker of u
I got ma bitches they u
Nd I could buy a murder choices as my widges done grew
And lil boosie shit he ain't scared of shit
And I'm gonna duck tape your momma n shoot off ya daddy dick mutha fucka!

[Chorus: x4]
Nigga if itts fuck me nigga then it's fuck u too
Fuck your man
N fuck your dad
N fuck your crew
That's true

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