Future Past / Eldest Things

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Ancient pictographs remind me my quest
Mystic smells & other signs awake my sense

Older than time itself
Made by the old ones
Force of the ELDEST THINGS

The guardian of the crypt tell me to come
Asking me some enigmatic questions

What can read the non-writing tongue?
Who creates all by the force of your thought?
Who is the oldest one?

Refracted light make appear this tongue
The omniversal creator realizes your wishes without delay
The oldest one is universe but time has no sense
Suddenly a grave open...

Now I can read the prophecy but all seem false
A cristal prism covers the table
The guardian shows it to me
A light flows from his hand
Making appear a non-writing tongue
I can read it

The eldest palimsest shows me the right way
Giving me the ultimate power

Now I know what I'll do for the rest of my life
I'll conquer universe & found my empire
I have to improve with the force of the ELDEST THINGS