Ashes You Leave


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- I Control the light
The darkness reigns, and the sun descends
- Dark spirits awaken in me
Eerie movements in his mighty kingdom
- The salvation of the black soul
A star formation, a warning in the sky.
- The second war is mine
A new dungeon of the dark,
Like a shadow in dusk

His scent, his aura, the all-embracing
Darkest one.
Destruction of all mankind,
Will shape the second purgatory land.
The devours of souls.

- An abandoned priest
The savior beckons for him to rise
- An abandoned angel
An encounter with the fallen one
- The final conflict
He's come to put an end to all
- Hypocrisy
This soul belongs in Hell,
But not with this savage og envy.

I took a deep breath, and together with
The mighty evil embrace, it was so intense.
I felt my desire, all hell in my hands.
Without repentance, my mind's in oblivion.
Forgotten is the paradise, left is the origin.

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