Go Down Moses

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Go down, Moses,
Way down in Egypt Land.

Tell ol' Pharaoh,
To let my people go.

When Israel was in Egypts land
Let my people go

Opressed so hard they could not stand
Let my people go.

So the Lord said
Go down, Moses,
'way down in Egypts Land
Tell all the Pharaoh's
To let my people go.

So, Moses went to Egypt Land
Let my people go

He made ol' Pharaoh
Let my people go

Yes the Lord said
Go down, Moses,
way down in Egypt Land

Tell all the Pharaos
to let my people go.

Thus spoke the Lord, bold Moses said
Let My people go

If not I'll smite, your first-born dead,
let my people go.

So let us all from bondage flee
So let us all in God be free

Autor(es): Sy Oliver / Jörgen Elofsson

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