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It's been a long time since I watched from the stars
All the way down, as I travelled in time
Full speed ahead as I passed over Mars
I saw the Earth I knew it was time
Space map appeared on the video screen
The rising sun illuminates the scene
Crossing the sky, flying outta sight
Faster than light
That is how it all began
Life form detector is perfectly still
My computers they're all memorising
Countdown has ceased, power level is nil
The light is green for immediate landing
I have touched down, without any sound
No life around
That is how it all began
Now the time is right for change

I was designed in a robotic way
I am programmed to help the human race
I speak your language and I've come today
To solve the problems you've now got to face
You used to crawl
You had lost your soul
Poor manking, now the time is right for change
Now you've got to play the game

Message to you
From the robotic race
Hear the rockets
Preach our case