Game Krossed(South Side Academy)

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[Mr. Capone-E] *Talkin*
Ay Dreamer you got your tape?

[Dreamer] *Talkin*
Let's do this shit

[Mr. Capone-E] *Talkin*
Snapper you got the guage

[Snapper] *Talkin*
Capone-E, let's ride da de da da

[Chorus 1: Fingaz [Snapper]
Do you wanna mob wit Gs [From the school of Hard Knocks mothafukkas]
SouthSide Academy

[Mr. Shadow]
I'm from the Academy of Hard Knocks
Felons wit glocks, attitude fukk it when I see them cops
Pop, my mothafukkin heater, for concussion
Destruction, the beginin sequel of Criminals
On war paths, aftermath, combat, platinum tracks, fukk rap rat-ta-tat-tat
Always strappin like that, so back the fukk up cause Capone's gonna bust

[Mr. Capone-E]
Locked up like a G, fukk my enemies
Straight parole from the streets
Fukk you, and fukk peace
I got my soldiers at ease, from the SurSide Academy
You're gonna get what you're gonna get
Mothafukka you got nothin to gain
You can't fukk wit these same Gangsta Bergade
Now tel mel, who's your mothafukkin problem
Straight gangsta mobbin, SouthSide

[Chorus 2: Fingaz [Mr. Shadow]
Do you wanna mob wit Gs [2 or 3 mothafukkas]
SouthSide Academy [From the school of Hard Knocks mothafukkas]

[Lil Dreamer]
I'm another SouthSide Academist, pharmacist, graduate
World's most dangerous, Hi-jack you like a terrorist
Yeah, keep you hostage for ransom
And if you wanna act up I'll do you like Manson
Charles, with no fukkin morals
Leave your tongue on your lap straight chrippin like a squirell
Now your heart starts to clout
Lil Dreamer mothafukka and we don't stop

[Mr. Capone-E]
Ha ha ha, and the saga continues
Servin ya platinum so check your menus
Sent you, a weed note with a threat
Negelect, reject this note, post up and get wet

Follow me, follow me, follow me to the depths of hell
Bailin out, killin devils, burnin down church bells
In jails, all correctional facilities
Mr. Capone-E a graduate from the Academy

[Chorus 3: Fingaz [Mr. Capone-E]
Do you wanna mob wit Gs [2 or 3 mothafukkas]
SouthSide Academy [From the school of Hard Knocks mothafukkas]

[Mr. Capone-E] *Talkin*
Now tell me, who wants some SGV shit
The sickest, realest group, Americaz most wanted convicted outlaws
What's up Snapper

Let me tell you, we take no bull shit
Bring a posse, can't fukk wit my gangsta poparatzi
We keep bustin straight convict kamakazi
Through your hood, get your strap, get your bat
Mothafukkas get your gat

[Mr. Shadow]
It's like that, G's like us run up in pad

It's the town wit the most Gs
Look here leva, you can't school me
Or the homie, Capone-E

[Mr. Capone-E]
Still in the game, no shame
The same, derange, dementaly sick
We don't give a shit bitch
Got shotgun and we pop em
And if you cross our path it get's jacked
This war path, matter last, born or bash
Outkast, 1st class, whip lash, blood bath
And that's that, so Lil Dreamer homeboy
Tell em where you at

[Lil Dreamer]
I'm in a habitat of a G
Straight packin a heat
Puttin it down straight on the concrete
SGV style, never smile, ghetto child
Lil D, fukk my enemies, SouthSide Academy
Reality hits, when we drop this shit
SouthSide Connection straight platinum hit
Now dip mothafukka, and I'll see you in a casket
Just another scandleous gangsta from the Academist

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