Golden Days

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I feel your presence everywhere I go
I hear your voice when I search for silence
I see your face when I close my eyes
You´re in my mind
You poisoned my soul

Do you remember the golden days?
There´s so much pain inside of me
I´m feeling better day by day
I wasted so much time with you
And I remember the golden days
I´m feeling empty, but I´m free
Do you remember the hate in my eyes?
Insanity comes over me

Would you ever think of me again,
When you´re alone in your bed?
Would you ever wish me back again,
Or will you try to forget?

I don´t want to dream of you
I don´t want to say that I miss you
I want to live my life without you

I try to forget
I try to forget

Autor(es): Terminal Choice

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