Garage Sale Today

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Please feel at home neighbor as you look around
Browse through my treasures they're all good and sound
A lifetime of memories are now on display
She's gone and left me garage sale today

A piece of white netting that once was apparel
White satin slippers now faded and pale
There's a book of pressed roses a bridal bouquet
Handle them gently garage sale today

A broken down cradle in light baby blue
How well I remember the day it was new
A laughter of angels our baby at play
Wrap it up quickly garage sale today

Two bottles a nickel and a glass for a dime
The chair cost a dollar and it's just in its prime
The old skillet it cost a quarter each picture a dime
Each treasure so priceless to sell it's a crime

There's a stack of used school books grades 1 through 4
Broken Crayolas all over the floor
An old one legged dolly a like new sleigh
Take them all with you garage sale today

A pair of old pillows from off of the bed
Where we slept together the night we were wed
And there's an old leather bible that taught us to pray
Now I can't sell them garage sale to-day

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