Gerry Rafferty

Garden of England

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Way down south in the garden of England
We got a song to sing and we let it fill the air
We got it made (yeah) in the garden of England
Where the sun comes up to see us everyday.

We feel like strangers but still we call it home
We got no reason but still we feel alone
But when the night comes we can roll away the stone
To each his own, to each his own

Yeah the simple life.
We live at home in the garden of England
They got us on the run, we can feel it in the air
We got it made in the garden of England

Where we celebrate the English way of life.
They had an empire, they give it all away
Their finest hour seems only yesterday
They still remember when Britannia ruled the waves

She ruled the waves, she ruled the waves (yeah)
Yeah the simple life.
British politician giving a speech
We conservatives have always maintained the need

For an experiment
With a tougher regime
For depriving young football hooligans
Of their leisure time

I can announce today
That the experiment promised in our election manifest
Is to begin in Surrey (applause)
These will be no holiday camps

We will introduce on a regular basis
Drill, parades, and inspections
From 6:45am 'til lights out at 9:30pm
Life will be conducted at a brisk tempo

Autor(es): Gerry Rafferty

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