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"How did this bullshit happen?

Explain to me. How did this bullshit happen?" (2X)

"I despise a duck MC on the mic" > Defari 'Big Up'

Verse 1:

Rhymes and gems I run tracks like Ben Johnson

Dick Vytel said my style was awesome


Prime Time Precisely

Word to Brothers I get Isely

And voyage to Atlantis black sea world of panthers

Where bothers don't question they answer

Mathematically with lyrics of strategy

The goal is to remedy the world of these wack MCs

Exactly, Defari lyrical athlete

Find me in the final heat of the Olympic track meet

For MCs

This kid he's not the average

I'm on the rise son like my name was Backstage Laminate

I got a cabinet of members all who posses spectacular vernacular

Blazing through contenders

I remember when hip hop was genuine

When gimmicks were limited

MCs were magnificent

Shows were omnipotent

The crowd was all feelin' it

If a kid had skills on stage yo he'd reveal it

But nowadays mad MCs need lessons in stage presence

Instead of claimin' they represent

While I enterprise, maintain, stay awake and wise

What you hear is what you get

No lies no disguise

Hook: (x4)

"How did this bullshit happen?

Explain to me. How did this bullshit happen?"

"Rhymes and Gems"

"I despise a duck MC on the mic"

Verse 2:

I like the milk I like the lactate

I like the milk type cords over a phat ass drum break

With skill my mind spins like windmills

For MC creeps I got noun and verb fills and brain pills

I combine dentistry with crainiology

Stacks of facts not mythology

So when I catch wreck to enterprise the land of the sunset

How much run should one don get?

I say plenty

That's word to Penny Hardaway

Hip hop is an arena and every show is like game day

On Sunday or Monday

Whatever day I play at a professional level

Here, in L.A.

And that's a raw fact no fiction in this guy

The essence of a pharaoh D to the E fari

The only weapon I brandish is my vernacular

Defari the tackler

Duck MC capturer


Verse 3:

Word to the Barbershop MCs I got the remedies for enemies

Who possess flimsies

Concepts I bomb step to detonate

A vocal explosion as big as a tidal wave

See I'm that kid that you know that you never even heard about

Defari Heru will soon spread by word of mouth

Through every ghetto street, backstreet and phat jeep

I enterprise the west combine with strength plus finesse (Now how we go?)

I 'm blessed by Allah Almighty

Teaching class daily plus I'm writtin' rhymes nightly

Mad MCs be lyin' everyday

They be them same kids who drink pop off instead of Bombay


The day will come when they expire

Retire or get sliced by this lyrical barb wire

They admire

While I wire a fax to my everyday contacts

Plans to make my cash triple stack



Thank you and good night.