Get`cha Head in the Game

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Coach said to fake right
Break left
Watch out for the pick
And keep an eye on the defense
You gotta run the give and go
And take the ball to the hole
Like an old school pro
He said don´t be afraid
What´cha waitin´on
Shoot the outside "J"

I gotta
Get´cha, get´cha, head in the game

U gotta
Get´cha, get´cha, head in the game
We gotta
Get´cha, get´cha, get´cha, get´cha head in the
game (repeat 3x)

Lets make sure
That we get the rebout (rebout)
´Cause when we get in
Then the crowd will go wild (go wild)
A second chance
Gotta grab it and go
Maybe this time
We´ll hit the right notes

Wait a minute
Get´cha head in the game (repeat 3x)


Why am I feeling so wrong
My head in the game
But my hearts in the song
She makes this feel so right

Should I go for this
Better shake this

Should I take the ball down the middle then I shoot the shot
I move fast when I dribble watch out for the block
I lose focus when I think of her name
I gotta get-get my head in the game

Does she think about me
Does she feel the same way
Should I shoot for a 3
Gotta stay in game play
I think I´m going insane
Can´t get her out of my brain

CHORUS (repeat to fade)

Autor(es): Andrew Seeley / Greg Cham / Ray Cham