Bill Anderson

Green Green

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Well I told my mama on the day I was born don't you cry when you see I'm gone
There ain't no woman gonna settle me down I gotta be travelin' on
A singin' (green green...)

There ain't nobody in this whole wide world gonna tell me how to spend my time
I'm just a good lovin' ramblin' man say buddy can ye spare me a dime
Hear me cryin' it's a (green green...)

I don't care when the sun goes down where I lay my weary head
Green green valley or rocky road it's there I'm gonna make my bed
Easy now (green green it's green they say...
Everybody let me hear ye (green green...
To where the grass is greener still to where the grass is greener still)

Autor(es): Barry McGuire / Encinc Mandalau

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