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1st verse
When i wake up in the morning i got to puff the gan
a pocket full of money saying IM THE MAN.
got a bitch on my line im gonna fuck today cause i didnt
get a chance to yesterday
ima hit the buzz spot and cop a bag of true
no im bout to tell you what i fina do
ima call this bitch set this date see if i can come fuck
before eight
and if i can come fuck, bust a nut, all day i be talking
bout nigga what
i got a homie in jail doing life for sure for living in detroit
making it
Got a nigga on the west side buying my o'z, behind closed doors
sniffs it in his nose
want to be like scarface sniffing the white im fucking this
niggas bitch all last night
and she telling how the nigga aint fucked her right, telling me
all the news like Walter Kronkite
i said look here bitch i aint your man, the shits played out
like dapper dan
and if you looking for love you end up wrong place
get your panties out your ass and get the fuck out my face.

2nd verse
First thing that i learned when i got in the game.
was never talk down on a player's name
like steve russel and white boy rick got the fbi all on my dick
Im a young ass nigga with lots of loot, the aligotor boots and
aint afraid to shoot
if you bitch on my line nigga i did that cause all hoes
recognize me as the mac
i dont care who tell i want to do the brat, pull th ebitch
brains and fuck her from the back
i want to smoke me a blunt with cheech and chong, niggas get
fucked up all night long
I want a check on friday to buy some boones a fresh pair of
khakis and some fruit of the looms
take me out the hood but not the hood out me
an oz began and some hennesey
see i dont give a fuck you dont like my rhyme
a nigga like me high all the time
and we all know it aint no time to waist
imma just tell you GET THE FUCK OUT MY FACE.