Get What You Paid For

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It's raining in your face
But the sun is all around
Get on board a plane where it keeps it on the ground
You try to fall asleep, keep falling out of bed
It's on the tip of your tongue, but it never leaves your head

Everywhere you go is never better as you regret it
You never get what you paid for
Everything you do you never make it cause you can take it
You never get what you paid for
nananananana nananana nanananana
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You meet somebody new
Time to get a life
Cooking for two and meet Charles up with his wife
It's moments people said; Your name is like a curse
If something's really bad, you can always make it worse


Behind you love, you come when they go
You're fallin', crawlin' forever
nanananananana nanananana nananana
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