Get Your Hand Off My Leg And Your Foot Out Of My Shoe

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Your face is friendly and you're smart and you are always clean
I know you have the nicest nose I knows Irve ever seen
Your personality's a plus, you always are well-dressed
But here's a little something that I'd like to suggest:

Get your hand off my leg, get your foot out of my shoe
I love you very much, I just can't stand the things you do
Stop tickling me, don't grab my knee, stop wearing all my clothes
Get your feet off of my elbow, get your elbow off my nose

Maybe I am touchy, but I think that you are too
I wish you wouldn't rub so much and tickle like you do
Keep your hands right by your side and your toes off of my knee
I don't know what is wrong with you but it's rubbing off on me

Autor(es): Barry Louis Polisar

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