Carlene Carter

Hallelujah In My Heart

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Oh lord, I stand before you
A past I can't deny
A sinner from the old school
Repent before you die
I tried to run
I tried to hide
I tried so hard to stray
But your love has found
Its way around
And grace has paved the way

No more to roam
I've found my home
Hallelujah in my heart
I'm not alone
Love walks with me
Hallelujah in my heart

Salvation sweet awaits us
Beyond the shining light
A chance for you and me
To really do it right
And so it goes
You reap what you sow
My oats were wild and green
Now faith has found
Its way around
And does salvation bring

Autor(es): Carlene Carter / Howie Epstein

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