Halo Of Shit

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Shallow pigs
Hypocrisy are bathing both in sin
Evil one prevails
Bigger force to better win
Wreaking lifes, fucking lifes
Pointing fingers, turning blind
Carving knifes with crushing force
Brains are hollow
But their rage is directed at youth

Pariah - sacred owl
Puppet blackned from within
Messiah - crown of lies
Where we hail them with pride
Evil begins

Arms out-streached
Come on to me halo of shit
Paradigm of el-vertu
Widely sick halo of shit

Judas lies, business man
Arkangel of the lost
Twisting minds away from truth
Incentivating none but hate
Insinuate, pontificate
With soulless reasons devastate
For the poor man you preach your dirt
Forward your sacrilege
To where Evil becomes good

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