Hand Me Down

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When your walking and you feel it
and you can't believe it's real
it's my love
You drown in what your seeing
as your feet just hit the ceiling
my love
Boy, you give me love.
When I'm walking and I need you
never knowing if I'll meet you
my love
You want it, you feel it,
our hearts are here to steal
it's my love
Boy you give me love
Come and get your love
thats handed down
It stars in every brilliant beat
in ever summer, every street
in my love
They got it, you need it
our hearts are here for bleeding
my love
Boy you give me love
Come on and take me
all the futile goodbye
and mirrors and lies
my love
Cause you and I own the same way
All for you

Autor(es): Rachel Flotard / Visqueen