Gimme a Break

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Gimme, gimme a break
Gimme, gimme, gimme a break, break man
Gimme, gimme a break
Gimme just a little time, on my own

You bother me like a flea behind the ear
You're truly the "fly", you're always near
Caught on my back like a tick at the full
Make the point of being a stone on my shoes

You're a kind who accepts invitation to visit
I always run away when I see you in the street
Every time I have lunch you call me on the phone
Of the rib you're the bone; of the sleeve you're the stone

Chill myself all these times I see you
I need a place where I can hide from you
I know that not everything we can make
But it's insufferable give me a break

Don't stop speaking without anything to say
Tell me the end of the film, you can't stay far away
You wait me to say something only to antagonize
Never have an idea you just like to criticize

Never help and when you do it is just to confound
I can't stay away you're always around
Worse than toothache, headache and jealousy
Worse than chicle when stick on me