Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

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Let’s continue…
Owarasenai, konomama mawaritsuzuketai
Liek a merii goo rando
Asa ni nareba mahou wa tokete iku sono toki made,,,
Gimme tekiira, take me up
Nagashikomu, so oh!
One more time
Kokokara saki wa, nanimo iranai stop
Shirafu wa mochiron keep out moodo

It’s time to party in the club tonight!
Kimi mo daro? Nara odorou!
California love
Nagareru dansu furoa de
Mi wo makasete
Na na na na

Yo I’m jus back to the floor with a gin lime and I say
“What up what up!” hand shake with my fans so let’s party
In my pants after when we get some girls
Now I’m feelin’ so fly like a g6 b-boys are dancing around
On the floor it’s real shit!
Let’s drink it! Whrow the cash! get naked! with your past!
Oh my gush who that girl! Come join this is my world!
Hey dj spin that shit! And put ya shots up drink it up!
Don’t you throw up!
When you get a shots again please hold up!

It’s time to party in the club tonight!
Ima dake wa wasuresasete
We gotta drink it up1
Iya na koto nante throw away!
Ima wo nomihose!
Na na na na