Girl Like You

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If you wanna live inside my head

wanna see what i have said

i will make you tremble

you´ll tremble

it´s fine with me

if you wanna scream outside my door

i´ll make you holler even more

i will make you sorry

so sorry

it´s fine with me


i will make you undertsand forever

i´ll make everybody disappear

i will make you hold my hand forever

till i am standing clear




life´s a ball

never had a girl like you


give me more

not so sure

never had a girl like you

starry eyed


over lied

never had a girl like you

(verse two)

I will make you sacrifice the lot

once you see

what I have got

I can be deceitful, deceitful

it's fine with me

I will make you get inside my car

then I'll drive you very far

I can make you breathless

so breathless

it's fine with me

(speech: english version)

you know I'm watching you

that's all I ever do

your hands, your hair

you're everywhere I see

you know I am watching you

just trying to see through

those crazy words

you keep on serving me


(chorus x2)

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