Dead Silence Hides My Cries

Hate Unleashed

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My hate is spread
So stuck in my head
And it holds me
Can not set me free

You cruel fucking bitch!
You left me nothing bitch!

I lost my home and family
Hate burns me out so madly
I promise you
I will avenge
It's the end no one
Will ever change

Can't stop my hate
No more can I wait
Repent is nigh
You are gonna die

Wrath’s ruling me
Can not leave me be
I swear he will pay
One great fucking day

Can't forgive
It's too late
Nor can live
With my hate

Strong goddamn rage
Deep in my mind
Poisoned it all
Made me so blind
Only one thing
Stuck in my head
And it makes me
Fucking obsessed

But now I feel my burden is gone

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