Give up once

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It begins with "once upon a time"
A simple story full of signs
Like in a fairy tale their love is deep and high
All was right until she died killed while the fight with the other side
That's when he decided to forget his own life of pride

Fight, fight
Like waging war against his own desire
Fight, fight
He'll never win against his heart

Take away this hate you have inside no one will bring her to you
Fight for freedom's always stronger than a fight for her
Take away this bad idea to fight for another true romance
And you'll give up once

Like an old warrior he tries to struggle for a sincere feeling
And his soul is so hurt that he forgets the pain but it's still there
How shy he can be and how stupid he is to believe he can win
Freedom is his only cure for love and faith for a new life

And when he tries to laugh about his past
When he sometimes forgets the worst
While others cry and feel hurt he stands apart
Then he knows he can win the fight

Autor(es): Didier Chesneau / Sylvie Grare