Kanda, Kodza I Nebojsa

Glow I light

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All the oppressed get the control
the spirit live it can never be killed you know
set it all as god wants as got said with capital letter
no fear wise snake meanless pigeon
respect the force that is holdin us all on within it
tell the truth do the good don't hurt the lamb
no one should be confused by system that is oppressin
the fact is that it is a godless assassin
that keeps the right & trutful from the progressin
and disrespects the love that god is expressin
the holy spirit rise and that is only beginin
of the incredible fight for life that cause the brain to start spinnin
them all deserve serious retaliation each man can rule his eternal creation
I can rule I can glow I light with total control
I can rule I vibration set it all up and reach my destination
face the enemy and never run you might never see the sun
fight for life fight for light
that fight for light's the one that I will always remember
never attacked by such a heavy offender
for a while I thought that I was gonna surrender
but shot me streight and addiction starts and there's no more
concern for me a neva go winnin
avoiding heavy offendin that I was receivin
confidence shows up fast in the seriouss situation
happiness is the only motivation

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