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GO - time to take action
Put your hands up, we're taking over
Not out to control ya - grow with ya flow with ya hit home with ya
So the truth be told with ya
Stuck in the cracks of the foundations of greed
They said Yeah we care, but they're no longer there
While those who need slowly bleed
This is how we do our share -we GO

Take em out - we step in - one word is where it begins (GO)
G for the greed that O oppresses - now we got D to drive the masses
While they wrap themselves in red tape with steady hands
We'll step over them on my command
So if ya hearin' me do like I do and move when I say…

Go - it's about now
Go - let it out now
Go - take em out now
Go - everybody now

Go - step it up now
Go - tear it up now
Go - don't let up now
Go - everybody now

Go - take it all and
Go - shake em all up
Go - wake the fuck up
Go - everybody up

Go - make a big sound
Go - spread it around
Go - tear it all down
Go - everybody now


If I'm just one man what can I do
I can lead the way or follow you
But I won't stand still - we're out of time
And if I die before I give, no one can show I ever lived
So if ya hearin' me do like I do and move when I say GO

Autor(es): Bumblefoot