Nikki Sudden

Golden Dawn

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I hear the ringing of the bells
Out in the golden dawn
I hear the sound of violins
While I'm gathering up the corn
I hear the juggling of your dice
As the carriage takes us to court
There's nothing ever learned round here
Save what's so easily taught.

I hear the breaking of the glass
As they put you down under guard
Nothing ever said or ever done
Could prepare you for life and it's scars
I hear the tumbling of the locks
As they open up the courtroom doors
There's nothing ever learned around here
Save it's always riches for the poor.

I hear the jingle and the jangle
Of the coins that pass through your hands
I hear one thousand Rembrandt whispers
As our love sinks deep into the sand
I hear the judges and the attorneys
As their cloaks fall off in the mist
And there's nothing ever learned round here
'Cept, learn to lie as you kiss.

Autor(es): Nikki Sudden

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