KT Tunstall

Golden Frames

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It was the middle of the night
When she found something
On her mind
Pointless to fight, there was
Nothing to be done about the
Persistent nature of it
Emanating from the door frame
Was a hum that grew into a roar
Followed by the light
Followed by the light
Followed by the terrible light

In my life I've never seen
Anything quite like it
And I've been around for years
With the eyes of a bird, me
And the nose of a fox, me
I'm prepared, but I'm scared
It's coming for me
It's coming for me

Oh, she was popular and pretty
Everybody knew her name
You couldn't count on the walls
Of the kitchen all the
Pictures in the golden frames

Oh the pictures in the golden frames
But she was followed by the light
Followed by the light
Swallowed by the terrible light


It's coming for me
Ooh, ooh,ooh, ooh

Oh look into the golden frames
Stare into the golden frames
Be careful of the golden frames

Autor(es): ,Seasick Steve

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