Todd Rundgren

Golden Goose

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If you know how to catch a mouse
The world will beat a pathway to your door
But since the first one's found our house
I can appreciate the saying more
I don't know
What they expect to find
I don't know
I can't make up my mind
They say he's got a special gift
But I don't envy him at all
They started camping in the yard
They've got their ears pressed up against the wall
I don't know
How long can this go on
I don't know
How did it last this long
Everybody wants an egg from the golden goose
But no one cares if they're the one who kills the golden goose
Everybody wants an egg from the golden goose
I wonder just how many eggs are in the golden goose?
A paparazzi's at the door
He says he's here from People Magazine
And there's some lady on the phone
Wants him to advertise designer jeans

Autor(es): Todd Rundgren

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