Wonder Stuff

Golden Green [DVD]

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She is golden but she's green
At all the things that I have seen
And the items that I'm hoarding up the back stairs
"Give 'em to me, give 'em now"

Shut it up you silly cow
"How could you say that, even think that, how?"
These words are not my own
They only come when I'm alone

She is loved, she is welcome in my home
She's taken all my vitamins
Used up my lighter fuel
I'm sure she stole all of my pencil lead in school

"Oh don't flop, I'll give it back"
But woman it's not the lack of my possessions
That is making me feel cruel
And if she loves me she'll say that she loves me

Even lies would shine in her eyes

Autor(es): Malcolm Treece / Miles Hunt

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