David Wilcox

Golden Key

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I used to walk down every road, holding out a golden key
And I would search the heart of everyone, I was hoping was right for me
And I was searching for a treasure to fill me deep inside
I was searching for a life time friend to walk right by my side
You know how that goes

One day I grew so weary, I could not take another step
I sat upon the roadside, hung my head and wept
And then suddenly I heard a voice come from deep within
And as I listened to the sound I found I was lifted by the wind

It said, you've always had a treasure living deep inside your soul
And you've always had a life time friend and now it's time you know
That the love was only waiting for your signal to begin
But the golden key you were holding out, you were always holding in

I used to walk down every single road, yeah
I used to walk, I used to walk down
I used to walk down every road

I used to hold, I used to hold on
[Incomprehensible] golden key
I used to think I had to hold on, yeah
I used to walk down every road

Autor(es): David Wilcox

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