3 Some


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You Were On the Second Floor
Hanging Out the Window Watching the Cars Passing By
With That Look in Your Eye
And I Was Hanging Round Below
Waving to Ya From the Road
I Was Calling Your Name
You Were Miles Away

You've Been Wondering
What's It to Ya?
You've Been Questioning Why All Day
It's Such a Silly Thing
Still It Threw Ya, Caught You By Surprise

You're Coming to Me Loud and Clear
There's Nothing Really For Us Here
It's a Terrible Thing
Hannging On By a String
There's Nothing Left For Me to Say
You've Said It All Already Now
I Won't Add Anymore
I'll Just Slip Out the Door


You and I So Sick and Tired
Of Hanging Around
You and Me, We Both Agree
It's All Over Now
All Over Now