Jello Biafra

Hey Asshole

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Hey, asshole you know your teeth
Are stained brown from all the shit
You talk hey asshole what about all
The fat little teenage boys you fuck
Hey asshole aside from dealing coke
And lsc what have you done dick

Hey, asshole do you feel all warm inside
Lording it over a bunch of kids
You're no upright citizen you pig
A tenth grade boy's mouth around your dick
Hey asshole, aside from writing pretentious
Boring tunes what have you did hack

Hey, asshole on the internet a couple dozen
Mongoloids at your tit hey asshole I think
Your heart done be inflated with horseshit
You fucking dirty old man, you fucking tourist
You wrinkled old twit fuck you

Autor(es): 1000 Homo DJs / Jello Biafra

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