Gold Eyes

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I need you
Do not ask me why
I need you now
I need you crying to make her smile
I just want a little
A little bit of your love
A little of your smile

Baby I want you here now!
Do not ask me for that
I want your heart
I want your smile
I want your body

I need to keep my promise
Forget our problems
Forget our fights
Golden eyes
Golden eyes
As in a dream you were here
As a wake up
You went away
And that left me cold rain

Now cry
I'll pretend I do not care about you...
And let me live a night without thinking of you...

I want you here
Smiling at my side
But I'm more cold to confess it
Now, this cry cold rain
While she dances and skips
Keep needing
As she smiles, and never cries

Autor(es): Gleysson Andrade