Gold In The Girl

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You know me so well now
There's nothing more to tell now
So you know all about my dad
And the fucked-up life we had
If I cry, you're scared that I
Might never lift my eyes

But when I'm hard, you say I'm cold
The walls are up, the gates are shut
Well, guess what, you're right
You're right, you're right
So just leave me alone

Now I'm five
And I know I'm alive
'Cause I've been beaten and shown
And this is my home, yeah
I'll just go deep in my room
Far from all of you
All the tears I've saved for years
In wells of gold I drown

So now, you see, it's hard for me
To let them go so easily
You're right, I'm cold
The doors are closed
So just leave

You're right, I'm cold
The doors are closed
I've made the bed and you'll lie in it
And if I go down, down, down
I will take you all with me

Autor(es): D. O. Halloran / E. Schnabel / Ed Maxwell / S. E. Lov