Gold in the Sunset

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I went over to your house a little monkey in the gloom
She were making bacon the punchline came too soon
Made a little beverage thought I had it made
Mixed me up a big ole glass of seeya laterade

I know where tomorrow be too damn far away
Today ain't my cup of tea I know that everybody's gay
Knuckled out and lost all the bats they have flown
Monster's in the closet's all I've ever known

All the gold in the sunset all the diamonds on the sea
All the gold in the sunset's all I'll ever really need
All the gold in the sunset all the diamonds on the sea
All I need to be free come on and get down y'all

Chuckleberry superstition brought on by the dead
Got inside my constitution ate up all my head
Take me down to nowhere that's where I belong
Keep it going beautiful don't try and get me wrong

Sideshow snakebites got me in the mood
Switched over to decaf hate to be so rude
Operating allnight need some quick relief
Released in the ocean with your sharklike teeth

Made of macho medicine got a little close
Closer to the real deal need a bigger dose
Sperm kitchen headache dreaming I'm on fire
Swear to god I'm going over ready to retire

She'll use all the closet brass in her little pipe
Smoking in those wingtips kissing it goodnight
Damage done soliloquy highwater gash
Firehose nosewater need a little cash

Wigglying my dizzystick stop inside the showboat
Turn it over pay per view stripping off the creamcoat
Pillowcheck chambermaid Angie's got her noose
Tied under her hanky leg turning up the juice

Swimmin in her boxcar her scents in my beard
There's gonna be a fireworks display everyone is weird
Sperm kitchen headache everywhere I turn
Shallowwire snakeskin maybe I'll never learn

She got the gun she got the gun again
Sippin on a pipe razor packed and smokin Indochina
She got the gun that refunked the fire
That refunked my redirectory

Jabberwocky pignut caramella
White wall disaster ocean surf chumps

Autor(es): Bob Schneider

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