Bob Schneider

Gold in the Sunset

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I went to your house a little monkey in the gloom
You were making bacon the punch line came too soon
Made me a beverage thought I had it made
Turns out it was a glass of see ya laterade

I know where tomorrow be too damn far away
Today ain't my cup of tea and everything is gray
Knuckled out and lost all the bats have flown
Monster's in the closets' all I've ever known

All the gold in the sunset all the diamonds on the sea
All the gold in the sunset's all I'll ever need
All the gold in the sunset all the diamonds on the sea
It's all we need to set ourselves free

Chuckle belly superstition brought on by the dead
Got inside my constitution ate up my whole head
Take me down to nowhere that's where I belong
Keep yourself beautiful don't try and get me wrong

Sideshow snakebites got me in the mood
I recently switched over to decaf honey I hate to be so rude
But I've been operating all night and I need some quick relief
Released in the ocean with your shark-like teeth

She'll use all the closet brass in her little pipe
Smoking in those wingtips
Kissing all them young boys goodnight
Damage done soliloquy high-water gash
Fire hose rose walls I need a little cash

Swimming in her boxcar her scents in my beard
There's going to be a fireworks display tonight everything is weird
Sperm kitchen headach everywhere I turn
Shallow-wire and snakeskin maybe I'll never learn

She got the gun she got the gun again sipping on a pipe razor packed up and smoking indochina

Autor(es): Bob Schneider

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