Gold Star

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You don't have to praise me
But do it in creole
Not all smiles are friendly
Not all are deserved
So I've been hiding
As a part of this neighbourhood
And I'll be invisible
Among the unseen

I'm the son of an honest man
I've learned to keep the balance right
Moonbeams weigh your wishes
Daydream hits and misses
The nurses all told me that they smelled the mourning
The silence of the streets
There's no way to get me out of this

I'm the son of an honest man
His eyes are open in the night
Moonbeams weigh your wishes
Daydreams of ports and princes
The cat has a bone you can use for your magic
In Egypt they were gods
And I've got pins in all my voodoo dolls
When the promised gold star
And the ligne in your palm is a snake
They'll catch me