Tony Sly

Hey God

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A country torn to shreds by consolidated debt
As we watch another store close down
We can't live for four without paying the bank more
For the loans that they will not allow
Today I heard a mother crying "I cannot live with this"
So be strong, keep your head up fighting
'Cause this is all there is
He's sitting on a bench with his hands over his face
As his daughter moves closer to him
Six months without a job, now the benefits are gone
And the anti-depressants that help him live
Hey god I've got a message for ya
I don't think you exist
It's not just the facts that are stacked against ya
That tell it like it is
If "everything happens for a reason"
Why are murderers still here?
Children, mothers, dying, broke
Can you make that disappear?

Autor(es): Tony Sly