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Reject and deny me
With the face of a demon
Your bullshit can't find it's own way
To light
To mouth
But still they say I should be alone
Left alone
Stuck alone
In this padded hell
It's me
For me
To each his own, fuck that shit

Feels like my soul's hard
To see another way
Take my shit
My mouth us dry
Just do it my way
Save his own
This feeling seem stained
Live through this
But my soul's in the way
Give it
Say it

Feel your cunt dripping it all smells
The same
The floor sure looks comfy
What a day to take away your pride
Eyes wide
Mouth wider
Still I know how to be alive
Feelin' fine
Look so good
On your knees for me

Still they feed you

You feel the stain that kills
You fucking lunatic
You are the one that walks away
It's old thinking shit
Take my everything
Take my last free thought

Autor(es): Bill Gaal / Chris Houck / Matt Holt / Nothingface / Tom Maxwell