Bob Seger

Hey Gypsy

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Hey gypsy where you gonna go
Hey gypsy where you gonna go
I am tired of this waitin'
I ain't gonna wait no more

Hey mama I'm your baby boy
Hey mama I'm your baby boy
Lets head on home
I'll give you your favorite toy

We've been all over town
Chasin' the crowds
I'm getting kinda nervous cause the music's too loud

Hey Gypsy where we gonna be
This hard love livin'
It's gettin' too much for me

Keep on pushin' me around the clock
I keep on fallin' and I can't get up
You know I love you but enough's enough
You move too fast girl you play too rough

Hey gypsy here we are again
Hey gypsy I'm your only friend
You treat me bad mama
You'll never get another again

Autor(es): BOB SEGER