David Allan Coe

Hey Gypsy

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Hey gypsy, hey gypsy come on home
Even if it's just to paint your wagon
Old hobo how long can this go on
She's mending socks and sittin' home a naggin'
Hey outlaw let's spend some time together she said outlaw
It does matter whether we're alone come on home

Hey drifter has your feeling for her gone
Have you spent too many night out on the highway
Hey loner she said hit the road and sing your songs
It won't be long until I have your baby
Hey outlaw let's spend some time together...
Hey drifter (hey gypsy) hey outlaw (hey drifter)
Hey loner (hey outlaw) hey hobo (hey drifter)
Hey gypsy hey gypsy

Autor(es): David Allan Coe / Fred Spears

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