(Don't Ya Go To) Goleta

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Baby, don't ya go, don't ya go to goleta

I've been there and i've seen them drinkin' now
Thinkin' all the time that they're going to school
Well, maybe some day they might learn something
But being fascist rich kids just ain't cool

Baby don't ya go, don't ya go into westwood

I've been there and i've seen the styles they wear
Their haircuts down to their clean white shoes
Don't you know baby, that it's all a facade,ya know
Intelligence is not something you should avoid

Baby don't ya go, don't ya go to la jolla
I've been there and i've seen their attitude
They don't like folks who are not like them
Maybe someday they'll take a vacation, like some flight over to europe
To take a nice cruise in the mediterranean, but it's very likely that
On the way over they'd be hijacked by some terrorist group seeking media
Approval, they'd be in a really bad situation, in danger of their lives,
But they'd be thinking "they can't do this to me, i'm an american citizen"

Babe, why don't ya go, why don't ya go somewhere (else)?

Autor(es): Chris Molla / David Lowery / Greg Lisher / Jonathan Segel / Victor Krummenacher

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