Ace Hood

Go Live

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[Intro - Ace Hood]
Camera man we going to do like the thirty six frame, you heard me?
It's movie time homie
Mister Hood

[Chorus - Joe Boom]
I jump up out the Bent', I'm stepping outside
There's cameras everywhere
Yeah I'm about to go live
Louis V. shades, to cover my eyes
The paparazzi flashing, I'm about to go live
About to go live, live, live
About to go live, live, live
You want to be fly? I'm on a G5
And everybody broke, ask me worldwide

[Verse 1 - Ace Hood]
Okay, hello to the money, good morning to the bread
What up to you bitches? Bring me breakfast in the bed
Hit a button on the blinds, watch the curtains roll back
Took a look into the mirror, they not fucking wore of that
Better cut it up a notch, put more diamonds on my chest
Bigger stones in my ears, hundred carats in the Lex'
Put more horses in the 'Rari, nasty as calamari
Rolling out with a Barbie, hiding from paparazzi

Tell them I'm going live, Mister Life-of-the-Party
Keep my jewels in the cooler, maybe I know the mula
Pull up in something European so they can flash
In three, two, one, I'm going live on that ass


[Verse 2 - Ace Hood]
Now tell them tune in, I'm back at it again
Want to be fly like I grew up in the wind
I'm a bad motherfucker, arrogant as I could be
Fresh up out of Louis, have them wishing they was me
I'm sorry that you not, I'm way too fucking hot
And everywhere I go you better know I'm showing out
Got my diamonds on check, carry cash no checks
Want that Beamer not the Lex', now you know I'm finna flex
It go three, two, one, you either ready or you not
Make it feel like Hollywood, every time I'm stepping out
Custom cameras over here, and you know they over there
Bad bitches in my bed, smell the money in the air