Hey Kwanongoma!

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In my youth I was a loner
And the gaudy red persona
Was still hanging on the wall
a-waiting to enthrall

Had no cannabis to sedate us
So we smoked carrots and potatoes
Tea and head-ache pills
But I can't recall the thrills…

So don't talk to me like that
I'm also a cat
Don't know where you've been
But I know where it's at
It's taken me time to work out what to do
What to do with you
Took me all afternoon to think it all through
But now I'm done, done, done, done thinkin'
Done, done, done and I'm thinking:
Oh, Oh No!

Hey Kwanongoma!
You spin me around
My head upside down

Autor(es): Ola Salo

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