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I'm staggering through the empty lane
Night has fallen and the cold increases my pain.
My mind is shattered and my soul a wasted land,
for I can't remember who I am.
We were together for so many years that I never thought it would end
but it's hard to realize you won the world when you hold it in your hand.
I never thought of what a treasure I was allowed to keep with me
until it slipped away, through my fingers like a dolphin to the sea.

In my lonely nights I think of you,
memories keep running through and through
and when tears are filling up my eyes,
I realise beside another she now lays

To little time and empty phrases
Our ways have gone through changes
Now they've split. Alone we go
but I'll be there for you I hope you know
Like a flower that is growing towards the sun,
like every night is waiting for a dawn to come,
my heart is longing for your warmth and love
and one day I'll have you back it must come off


My mind is not full of hate
I wish you luck it might be our fate
I know he'll treat you as good
as I never could.
I hope he's good enough for you
But still you must know that I Love you.