Jamestown Story


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I was surprised to see her waiting on my front porch
her eyes told mine that things were not OK
I just stood there while she told me that she loved him
wishing I had not come home that day
And as she slowly walked away I had a vision
of life without her I could hardly breathe
This is the end, no second chance, now he's got what I had
and I don't know if I could ever love again

As my world comes crashing down tonight
I'll hold on to all her memories and forget all the lies
I'll never know if we could have made it all along
I still can't believe she's gone

If someone out there could please give me one good reason
why I sure feel like hell and she's OK
what goes around comes back around, she'll feel how I do now
and when she does I hope it hurts her more than me

Autor(es): Jamestown Story

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