Hey you

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Was walkin' down around venice way
Los angeles
Oh big california
A man came up to me
About 40, gay
I say
"go away...ok...no way...aggghhhhhhhgh"
Butthole surf!! etc.
I was ridin' wave
Around malibu beach
A guy came up to me
He was lookin' like a leech
He said "hey, sonny boy, can i eat you peach?"
I say "motherfucker...ifyoureach..
I don't know what i'm goin' to do"
Butthole surf!! etc.

I was ridin' my cruiser in west hollywood
A girl came up to me and she was lookin' mighty good...
I was eating quaaludes like butthole surfers should
She left me there where i stood
Butthole surf!! etc.

Hey butt
What the fuck
We all like you
'cause you're a slut