Charlie Landsborough

Gone, But I Can't Let You Go

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It's easy I know
Friends keep tellin me so
It's purely a matter
Of biding my time
I'm tryin to forget
How to manage it yet
Your Gone
But I can't let you go

I wake up
Each morning and find
Your smile is still hauntin my mind
I'll know that you're gone
But the pain lingers on
Cause you left
All your memories behind
What can I do
I still got you in my heart

When friends come to call
They're no use at all
Though they're tryin their best
To help me I know
Your subject is bound
But they don't understand
That you're gone
But I can't let you go

Your message so clearly defined
Is there in the note that you signed
It's someone you've met
But I'll never forget
Cause you've left all your memories behind

Can't break away
You're here to stay
In my heart
It's easy I'm told
When one love turns cold
To find someone new
And let that love grow
But I'm still holdin fast
To my dreams of the past
Cause your gone
But I can't let you go
Oh you're gone but I can't let you go

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